Sweet things to say to your boyfriend

sweet things to say to your boyfriend

So you decided to write a love letter to your boyfriend but you’re not sure what to tell him. The first step is to think about the way your boyfriend makes you feel, and you don’t have to write mostly erotic things in the letter. For example, if you are a single mother and your boyfriend has stepped up to care for your child, mention your appreciation for his efforts in the letter. Or if your boyfriend encourages you in your career goals, thank him for it. Here are additional sweet things to say to your boyfriend in the letter.

Get Spiritual

If you and your boyfriend hold to a certain faith, talk about how that faith influences your relationship. If you’re a Christian you can write the verse in 1 Corinthians 13 where it describes what real love is. Talk about how you appreciate his kindness, his humility towards you, the way he practices self-control while out on dates with you, and the way he gives feedback so that the relationship will improve.

Reflections on Past

Another neat idea is to discuss some sweet moments from the beginning of your relationship. If the two of you met while participating in a talent show, talk about how you loved your boyfriend’s deep voice as he sang your favorite song on stage. Or if your boyfriend talks about how he was first attracted to your dry sense of humor, tell him that you were first attracted to the respectful way he treated his mother and sisters, and how you knew you would be respected by him.

Offer Your Support

If your boyfriend is going through a time, write some beautiful words for encouragement in the letter. For the boyfriend who is battling cancer, you can write a medium-length prayer for his recovery that he can use as a prayer himself. After you write the prayer mention that no matter how tough things get for him, you will not leave his side and that you are there to give him the emotional and material support he needs. Or if your boyfriend just lost his job, write a funny yet respectful note stating your love for him despite this situation.

Put Your Poetry Skills to Work

If you write a lot of poetry, brainstorm on ideas for a sweet poem to share with your boyfriend. Don’t mimic the popular love poems from well known writers but use their work as inspiration for what you will write to him. Write a poem that describes why you are attracted to him physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritual. Write the poem on fancy paper and use cursive writing to make the poem look romantic.

In conclusion, just because we live in the digital age does not mean that the traditional love note is out of style. When you write sweet words for your boyfriend, he feels loved and appreciated and it is something that he will hold on to for years to come. The love note could also be presented at your wedding if the two of you decide to get married.